Is BBF the right workout for me?

Anyone interested in improving their fitness level; including increased strength, flexibility, stamina, better posture and body awareness are welcome. Our students range from 17 to 70 years old.

BBF workouts are right for just about anyone. You will become stronger, lengthen your muscles for a leaner look, and develop more flexibility. Instructors give personalized attention to ensure each guest achieves the most efficient results through perfect posture and body alignment. They will recommend modifications for beginners or injuries and offer variations to intensify for advanced students. 

How often should I workout?

We encourage you to attend class on consecutive days or at a minimum three times a week. Regular attendance will help to build muscle memory and efficiency and alleviate muscle soreness. Because of the diversity of strength building exercises at BBF, guests should expect to feel some tenderness after every class, particularly in the beginning or after a break.  

How soon will I see results?

You will learn to engage your core with every exercise to feel a change after the first week, see a change after the first month, and achieve a noticeable BBF body in one season. 

Will I lose weight?

BBF exercises target your largest muscle groups (i.e. legs and buttocks) – the larger the muscle, the more calories burned. You will build lean muscle mass which burns the most calories even while your body is at rest. As you see results, you will be motivated to make better decisions about your nutrition. If you participate in BBF classes regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle outside the Barre, then you will become slimmer. 

Can I still benefit from BBF if I'm not flexible?

You will become more flexible. BBF method alternates strength and stretching to exhaust your muscles before they are stretched to lend themselves more easily to stretching. Concentration and breathing techniques allow muscles to relax. Flexibility and range of motion are important in preventing injury and keeping your body youthful.

What if I don't have dance experience?

No ballet experience is required, everything you need will be demonstrated and explained for you. In the beginning you may notice some dance terms. We recommend watching your instructor as well as your fellow Barre members. Please ask our instructors as many questions as you have at either the beginning or the end of each class.

What should  I wear?

To ensure proper alignment, it is suggested that guests wear formfitting clothing,  so teachers are able to see your alignment/form. Grip socks or studio shoes are required and may be purchased in the studio.

Is BBF for women only?

We welcome men and women.

Inclement Weather

In the event of dangerous or severe weather conditions, for the safety of our clients, the studio will be closed. Check the homepage of our website and/or Facebook page for information on class cancellations and studio closings. We follow the Red Clay School District inclement weather.

Frequently Asked Questions
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